Moon Glows on From 1992

As the full moon approaches I am reminded of this poem. Hope you enjoy it!

Moonlight © 1992 Molly Lin Dutina

The blue/black velvet sky is
punctuated by brilliant stars.
Their brightness is not diminished
by the astonishing shine of the moon.
Even the shopping center lights
cannot detract from moon glow.
Everything casts a shadow
as the moon shines on and on.

On the horizon broiling veil of clouds
emit a surprising flash of lightning
and still the moon is not lessened.
Alarming lightning, for this is just February
and still the moon shines on and on.


Periodically last year’s leaves
rustle in the breeze
as the clouds gain height and breadth.
The moon highlights them with glory
and the cloud bank draws nearer.
Suddenly we moderns understand our
forefathers’ fear of moon madness.
The edge of the boiling tempest
is clearly in view and brilliant
as the moon shines on and on.

One great flash tries to conquer moonlight
then lightning queerly halts.
Cotton balls at night
of height clearly cumulonimbus,
who has heard of such midnight madness?
Star punctuations gleaming and fading
but the moon shines on and on.

Clad in pajamas
wrapped in a blanket
male adult earthling
dances all barefoot
as God of the Universe
chooses to delight him
with night show of glory
this midwinter evening.
Ecstasy of the ages
holds man’s rapt attention.
As boy-child emerges
delight and wonder blossom.

One gray fellow, loose from the pack
tries a solo conquer of Night Sun grandeur,
but moonbeams silently pierce him.
The roiling storm thins to an edge.
Mankind’s light is muffled and trapped
as sky fills with gossamer
almost fog-like pink shroud.
Gallant moon shines on.


Edge of the blanket
snuggles over star lights
sleepy light-years away.
Chill of storm wind
pushes me to find my comforter
as toes and fingers, tips of ears
remind me this is winter still.
I stand determined
watching clouds come marching
pantomime in the heavens
for the watchful to review.

Without a sound
bright moon vanishes
but as clouds keep advancing
moonbeams break through the darkness
far beyond the horizon
encircling even storm dark
in light beyond my view.

As I stumble in dazed awe
and wonder with amazement
at God’s joyous light show
the storm says “I triumph”
but my better self knows
as I go inside my domicile,
even now, moon glows on and on.