Word Pictures

This was an experience where there were no cameras involved. And if I had risked snapping a photo I likely would have ruined my iPhone!

April Walk in the Rain 2017 © Molly Lin Dutina

We walked the old abandoned road, now a trail, with folded umbrellas, eager to see what was happening this early spring at our favorite walk. Perhaps to find some wild flowers beside the creek in the woods at the place before it drops down to the man-made lake.

Balmy weather had enticed us to shorts. The naturalists had ordered tree and shrub hedgerows knocked down. Age and weather had removed a large cedar. Its blue berries, previous botanical décor at the edge of the old road trail, now gone forever.
We turned the corner amazed at the huge pile of dead trees and shrubs awaiting bonfire or perhaps burial in the field? I wondered about lost nesting places for birds and hiding places of wild life.
I whistled with the red-winged black birds as they trilled their welcome to the area about the pond. We turned another corner wondering aloud if we should turn back? Brooding black clouds covered the south western sky with what looked like a ponderous load of rain. The stream area with the possibility of wild flowers urged us on. We said to one another, “What’s a little rain?” as the first drops pelted us. We were not certain the full storm would even reach us. We walked on and the wind picked up. I wondered if umbrellas were a good idea as lightening flashed in the distance. And suddenly the heavens opened and the umbrellas, too!
Making it to the creek I realized the rapid heat of this spring season had sent an over-growth of foliage. There was one variety of white flower, possibly from some settlers bulb placed years ago? With the changing rain intensity we decided to turn back to the car. We walked up the gradual hill on the paved trail. By the time we again reached the pond and field area we were drenched. Socks squished inside sodden shoes. The rain began to come in sheets driven by the wind. I rarely experience this any more except beyond a window! As the sheets drenched us from behind and moved before us I saw the depressions in the old road fill with water and flow towards and then behind us. I deliberately arranged my rapid walking to avoid the gathered running water where possible. We started getting cold and sopping wet under our umbrellas. Regardless, it was quite glorious to be walking in the rain, walking amidst the power and the glory of God!
The rain lessened; the wind calmed. Red wings returned to their song. I looked one in the eye as I tried to imitate his song. He seemed to ponder the tune for a moment and then winged away.
We were grateful for the shelter of the car. On the ride home it was extremely difficult to remove my drenched socks. It took a full day for shoes and socks to dry out. I am impressed forever by wrapping waves of rain and rivulets gaining strength around my feet on their way downhill to the lake.

Photo below is from out front porch on a similar day.