A Strong Tower

There are times in life when we get afraid of others, ourselves, circumstances, the future, the list is endless. God’s word says 365 times not to fear. We need to be told that everyday because we are so prone to it! When you do not know which way to turn and life is hounding you there is a prayerful exercise you can do. It only takes a few moments and I promise it will not make you sweat or pull any muscle groups!

When the enemy of my soul is making accusations against me  and I just cannot shake those thoughts off, I run to the Lord, not from Him. Proverbs 18:10 says, “The Name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run into it and are safe.”

Now imagine that tower. For you, His Beloved, the door is always unlocked. See yourself running to the tower. Tear open the door. Slam it behind you. Trip the locking mechanism. Find the King of Heaven. Climb up into His lap and let Him hold you.

I can help with the tower image! This one is right here in Ohio!

A58DEC92-357C-4DC7-A559-71A356AE84A4Of course, my image of the tower has electricity and a strong set of doors!

When we were in Ireland we saw a tower that was 100 feet high. I imagi100_1085ned stairs and stairs and stairs inside. The door was raised so that you could only enter with a ladder. Then pull it in behind you for added security. It was built that high so that pilgrims traveling towards it could see it from afar.This was at Glendalough.


Another one was shorter. On the lower left of the photo there are two people exiting through a gate. That should give you some idea of the size.100_1481





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Whatever tower you envision, use this Proverb and this practice to shelter yourself in the arms of the Lord. He is able to keep you!