We All Need Prayer

I think I wrote this poem in 1978. I was just learning about the power of prayer.  For many years I have served as an intercessor on behalf of the church and the sentiment remains true. Hope it brings you encouragement.

Intercession ©1978 Molly Lin Dutina
Please hold my hand
and go with me
to the Throne of Grace.

I need, I hurt, I ache
seems all that I can say.
Please use your objectivity
to plead for me my case.

He has, He knows, He heals.
Come with me to that place.

And as His Spirit takes us
to the very heart of God,
we’ll return with rejoicing
that He knows
and is moved
to help us obey.

In Ireland we saw this cross at Clonmacnoise. It is embellished with Celtic art. I was deeply impressed by the image of the hand of God upholding the arm of the cross.

Hand of God enhanced (2)