Take Notice of the Energizer Bunny

The first time we were privileged to attend the Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque, New Mexico, I was enchanted with the Energizer Bunny. Later in the year my friend was injured and had to attend many rounds of physical therapy.

All of that and our trip to the Radio Antennae area on Sandia Mountain inspired this poem.B5DC3F92-3FD1-4D34-A526-890447019E9A

Above is the Radio Antennae park where we had our photo taken. Below is the Energizer Bunny hot air balloon.


Bunny Shuffle © 2008 Molly Lin Dutina 08-04-13
Little did we know
that in some ways
We were at our peak performance
as we posed for our photo
on Sandia Crest at 10,600 feet
in front of the antennae and towers.

The years broadcast
age to our bodies
Hair streaking with silver
skin in folds only imagined upon
our Grandmothers
not ourselves ….

Then these outer shells
suffered falls and cracks
We endured the best
Medical America had to offer
for recovery.

We assumed we would
recapture our body as it was
before the braces and slings
surgery, x-rays, crutches.

With PT finished
we were certain
we would enter on the scene
a restored, though older
energizer bunny
ready to pick up the tasks we dropped
resume previous routines
keep or even set the social rhythm.

Once, on a clear, lovely morning
we oohed aahed and marveled
at one hot air balloon after another
noting but not studying
that “Hot Hare” Energizer Bunny
with its drum and sunglasses.
Fifteen feet taller than the Statute of Liberty
World’s largest!
towering over the others, 166 feet tall.

Now, on the other side of
our respective physical traumas
Up jumps the bunny
with lessons galore

Did you ever notice
The Bun wears flip flops!
Surely she cannot run in those things
Nor do we run much anymore.

She wears sunglasses
not necessarily to mimic Joe Cool
but more likely aware
that her eyes need protection.

And the drum!
Her lovely drum and drumsticks
She can only beat it
She can only shuffle
(for flip flops cannot march)
shuffle and thump that drum
but only as long as her power lasts.

Your laughter amid the physical traumas
reminds me of God’s joy.
Lord, use us as Your bunnies!

Oh, Holy Spirit,
Dunamis power from on high
help us to beat Your drum
keep the rhythm for our flip flop shuffle
Restore to us the joy of our salvation
the gentle simplicity of when
we first knew You
Give us the backbone of Jesus
Shield our eyes from the negative
Flop our ears in joy
as we listen for Your voice
setting our pace
directing our steps
taking us where You desire
wherever this bunny trail leads.

Fine tune our receivers
so Your directions come through
loud and clear.
Empower us for whatever You
want us to do next.
Help us beat our drums
and sing Your praises
even to our last breath!

This Bunny Shuffle could be great fun
with God in charge
and His holy power
sending us out and on our way.
We do not climb the heights
as in days of old
But He is not finished with us yet.
Come on, sister,
Even age can’t stop our parade!

Later that year I found a Beanie Baby of the Bunny. Yes, as you may have guessed, I bought one Bunny for Ohio and one for New Mexico. Mine sits atop my dryer. Always need those object lessons!