Yet Again


Yet Again ©2011  Molly Lin Dutina

There is an obligation on my soul
To pay You homage in my every day
When praise is lacking I begin to shrivel
My very tongue becomes a potsherd.
Yet praise begins anew at Your summons
For always, I begin again.
Again to see Your presence
Blessings great
Discounted honors in yesterday’s debris
Now morning light calls to me
Bright and Fair
Hot thanks oozes out my pores
Each summer hour.

The morning glories I have desired for years
Are here, abundant, spreading to the roses
Lush and green this dawn
Brought out first flower
Not staid blue but lilac for my joy

Yesterday I only saw the vines’ invasion
Today I solved that detail with dispatch of clippers
And there – calling and singing was
First flower
As bannisters and railings now
Draped in verdant green
Entangled upon each other            Before searing sun demanded wilting.

Minor threats and major tend
To clog the avenues of praise
And furnace fear demands
Wilting on my vine.
Yet Gardener fair and gentle
Trains my tendrils
To bring You ever flowers
Fair delights
Bouquets of praise
Opening my body heart and soul
Divine Sunshine, help me grow.

anemone closedYou spoke to me of the anemone, closed up
Tight and straining to stay shut
Now opened eyes
see focus askew when fear reigns high
And thank-yous end.
Come, gentle me, again and again
That life and love may flow
Throughout my being                                        Wracked with pain or not
Your call remains
Steady hand to guide through my frustrations
Eager friend in midst of disappointment

Mighty love overwhelming every fear
If I yet yield
Turn once again
Open my hands
Release it all to You.

By grand design and holy
You rearrange the pieces
Until components black emerge
Glistening silver, white, bejeweled
Beyond my hopes.

So here in wonder
Again I open my hands
That You may have Your perfect way
In this one yielded woman.
The sun, soil and rain
Impact the seedlings
And growing robust, lush
Their praise to Creator
Every leaf, root and sepal
Develop to the glory of His praise.
A sacrifice, yes it is
When everything in me wails
Unfair, why me, not again
One thing after another
Until my strong lament is folded
In upon itself
Diming sun, extinguished moon
Fog of despair
No purpose for coping.
I am undone by Your love
As You disarm me
With patient kindness
Understanding my struggle
Extending Your strong arm
For me to rest upon
And resting, I can reframe
Drawing strength for the journey
Proper locus readjusted for
Eternity of praise to Your Glory.

PS 50:14-15 RSV “Offer to God a sacrifice of thanksgiving, and pay your vows to the Most High. Call upon Me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you shall glorify Me.”

PS 50:23 RSV “He who brings thanksgiving as his sacrifice honors Me; to him who orders his way aright I will show the salvation of God!”