Obedience Vignette

Twila Paris wrote and sang this song:
“I am ready to be
All You’ve given me to be
Lord I offer you my pride, lay it down
Where I have been bound
Father come and set me free
I am ready now to be
Finally, faithfully, willingly – me.”

Yes, I posted this song on my other blog, but it bears repeating!

The first time I heard this song I was absolutely mesmerized. It spoke directly to the place I was entering with God. The fact that the song addresses both Lord and Father made me want to sing my heart out for the Holy Spirit to invade me on a deeper level.

Recently I read this article online. Tony Reinke wrote at desiring god.org “Two Keys to Flourishing in the Digital Age.” Here is an excerpt:

“To put it another way, you can fake online authenticity for a while, but not forever. It will catch up to you. Our authenticity offline is always the basis for our authenticity online.
“So, if God has called and equipped you to be a Twitter sage, or a hip-hop artist, or an Instagram evangelist, or a podcaster, or a writer, or a social media social activist, or a digital creator of any type, you must take breaks from the scuttle of those ministry expectations — those expectations out in the remoteness of the virtual world — in order to reconnect with the ultimate purpose on this planet that grounds all our flourishing: To be embodied children of God, feeding our faith on the truth of God, cherishing him with our entire being, and then, out of our abundance, serving our neighbors.”
The fact that Tony Reinke expresses our ability to be inauthentic online for a limited time rang out! I am tired of people pretending to be who they are not to impress people they do not really know or understand by saying things they would never say to someone’s face. They usually would never say even the nice things to someone’s face if it meant they would have to move out of their comfort zone and perhaps engage with that person in an authentic way. Transparently try to be your authentic self whether online or in person.

So once again I am challenged to be who God has given me to be. “Finally, faithfully, willingly, me.” Are you at that place yet? Can you yield yourself to His will and ways? I must remind myself often to move towards what I state as:

“Constant, yielded, peaceful, joyful obedience to the Almighty.”

My prayer is that the Holy Spirit will inspire you to do the same!


Photo by Molly Dutina of art glas from Blenko Studio, (we think).