Sun and Instars

19-8-8 © Molly Lin Dutina

When her living room curtains are open
I can see the early morning sun
slant through my neighbor’s house
illuminating her dining room wall

The sun cuts through the gloom of the tree shadows
in full leaf and deep shades of summer hardened greens

My windows do not face east
perhaps that is why I seek You
early in the morning?

Two inches of rain have helped to alleviate the
Garden suffering from summer drought conditions
The chiggers are ruling the milkweed patch
they feast upon me every time I go to look
for first in-star and second in-star caterpillars
I now weigh if the bites are worth the looking

Bug repellant might kill the caterpillars
so not using that!

What is my in-star, Lord?
Does Your light shine in and through me?
Do I reflect Your glory
How can I grow in You today?
Will I bring glory to Your name?
I pray Your light will outshine my shadows

Egg thru 5th
Monarch stages before Chrysalis 

Sad update on our side garden. Bob finally figured out why our younger milkweed plants were dying. Seems they contracted some sort of fungus. He had to cut them all down this morning ( 8/26, Monday). Hopefully they will thrive next year!