Polar Plunge?

Recently we visited Half Moon Bay, California. I could not believe it when I saw swimmers approaching the shore line.  There was a very cold water temperature (45 °F) at Half Moon Bay. Weather stated: “Despite the sunshine, even with a thick winter wetsuit, neoprene hood, gloves and boots it will be difficult to stay comfortable in the sea for long today.” Yet here they came, 3 men and 1 woman (she did wear a wetsuit.) They all wore swim caps as if in a heated pool. In Ohio we would have called this the polar plunge especially if they had gotten wet and then gotten out. They entered the water, swam beyond the tide line and turned right paralleling the shore. Most likely they were NOT comfortable at all!

Those who were fishing were over-dressed according to the swimmers!
Never found out if he caught anything. Yes, that is a winter coat unzipped.

So I enjoyed the Pacific and the sun for a while, sitting at a picnic table. If it had been any more windy I would have had to get more clothing out of the car. I also wondered if those swimmers were going to pull out at another place along the beach and have someone meet them with towels and a warm vehicle.

“Me and my shadow”

Though my photos did not come out, believe me, those 4 souls swam all the back from wherever they had headed off. Likely 20-30 minutes or more in that cold, cold water! Yow! I am NOT that hearty!

Lotions and Potions

Many times my health seems like a house of cards!House Of Cards

I live in a  rather precarious balance. I actually think we all do! We act and think as if we are invulnerable to illness and misfortune. Then “WHAM!!” a virus hits and knocks us on our keester, as happened to me last week. I was going along fine, doing my chosen duties and chores, visiting with church members, crocheting and then suddenly ill. Sneezing that would not stop. Aches, pains, and

return of the dreaded vertigo!

house of cards falling

As I tried to recover and then was hit AGAIN by same virus six days later I remembered this verse I have been working on for several months. Might make you smile!

Lotions and Potions© 2018 Molly Lin Dutina
Lotions and potions
Creams, salves and plasters
Ointments and eye drops
Nose sprays and gases

Capsules and pills
Over counter and script
So many helpful
And such side effects!

?Whatever did grandma do
Without all this help?

We moan and complain
Living longer and longer
Avoiding suffering
the world takes as common

Forgive us and grant us grace,
Compassion for those
Whose suffering
we simply cannot suppose

Flu shots and shingles
Skyrocket in prices
Lidocaine patches in hundreds of dollars

Oh, dear Doctor,
Protect our wallets!!
Prescribe generics
For these geriatrics
We are going to be here much longer ..
Hope you saved up for
The Golden years that
Take all your gold!


Critical Illness #5

And oh the kindness of others! People prayed almost around the clock for us. Different cities,  counties, states and even countries.

Awake, but still so ill!


Bob looked terrible after being in bed for over a week. The nurses used some dry shampoo on his head, but the shave they gave him was not like he would have given himself had he been well enough. Our neighbor is a barber and came to the hospital, even with all the illness Bob was suffering. Chris gave him a razor shave right in his bed! He looked and felt somewhat better after that! This photo is a few days later and after his shave.


You may have noticed in the photos there are fewer and fewer lines and tubes connected to Bob. As he slowly regained some functions the medical staff removed as many iv lines, etc. as possible. The more lines, they explained, the better the chances of infections.

Did you notice the blue prayer square pinned to his gown? The nurses were very conscious of it and careful to replace it whenever they had to change his gown. Many of my friends make these instead of prayer shawls, which can be large and somewhat cumbersome, especially in ICU. Once during the shift change a new nurse came in to meet us and go over his treatment plan with the nurse going off shift. The lights were dim in the early evening. She asked, “What is that Brillo pad pinned to his gown?” We told her it was a “Prayer Square.”  I have often been amused by her comment since then while crocheting a square for others.




Provisions©1979 Molly Lin Dutina

And I fought to find a way.
I hungered after truth.
I thirsted for a refreshing drink.
Philosophy was like drinking dust.
The occult left me anxious and more needy inside.
My own will was never satisfying for very long.
Books were filled with only words, words, words.
My baggage was a heavy burden,
Filled with unforgiveness and self-deceit.


And now … I seek to find His way
Though all the circumstances that occur
But I no longer hunger and thirst,
(Unless I want to)
For provisions have been made for me
by Jesus
through the Holy Spirit
directly to God

I needn’t look to myself for the answers.
No other person can show me the way wholly
All I seek is God’s will
He provides the Bread of Heaven for me
With rivers of Living Water within
And the Way is there
He goes before me
Leaving food and drink
gifts for my soul along the path

He is my Scout
A Holy Guide
Through the wilderness of humanity
To the Godhead

Can I seek to serve any others
With Jesus carrying my suitcase?


He not only gave me new luggage
He filled it with armor and food

Wisdom beyond all my books
All delights of nature
Treasures of Heaven
Beyond old beliefs


Diving in Honor

Diving in Honor © 1999 Molly Lin Dutina

 “You are precious in my sight, and honored, and I love you,”
[says the Lord your God.] ISA 43:4a NRSV

The journaling question was:
‘When I think about God loving me unconditionally as I am, I …’

Well, I get bashful, knowing Your Word and Your love are true
– but hardly daring to believe You, Lord.
In Your sight I am honored? Why?
I believe, as a servant,
I have only done what You asked me to do –
so, why honored?

And I remember reading in Rick Joyner’s book,
the multitudes worshiping the Lord in the heavenlies
– and they – and I – are honored for obedience to the Lamb.

Again I argue,
but whom have I in heaven, but You, my Lord?
To obey is the source of my life –
the Source of all my joy –
honor seems too high a reward.
Perhaps my next obedient step
should be to read Isaiah and
write down Your words of comfort, love and honor?
You say You sing over Your people,
that Your faithfulness is a shield about us.

Oh Jesus, as I come to know You more deeply
there is so much more to learn.
I will never come to the end of your love.
A boundary wall will never appear to stop me from
entering Your unfailing love.
So help me, Jesus.
Finally, I want to learn to dive!

Help me jack-knife into Your love

Triple somersaults of joy into
Your endless bounty of love and mercy.
Back flips – with no fear of knocking my brain out-
empowered by Your Holy Spirit.
I tirelessly race up the ladder
to make another grace-filled, magnificent dive.

Slicing into Your bounty of love and honor
and before Your sight Precious
barely making a splash.

Diving deeper, deeper,
never able to reach the bottom of Your kindness
but surely drenched, washed, renewed in Your water of Life.

And You, on the side
watching with Your cronies alongside my enemies
flashing high scores for me
pleased by my obedience.

You are delighted by my yielded heart.

More of You, Lord
more than my next gulp of air
I want more of Your drenching,
Your overshadowing.
Come upon me, power of the Most High
soak me, enfold me, permeate my very cells.
Then guide me forth
to do Your will upon this earth.

But wait!! I must clamber up that ladder
one more time in joy and glee
and as Your child
do a tremendous cannonball –
sending Your love splashing out
on all those around.


I’ve even gotten the grouchy old lady
who never wants to get wet!

My Sister Does Not Like Birds

…but I do find they can teach good lessons!

Mockingbird © Molly Lin Dutina 18-4-12
Northern Mockingbird, Martin Homestead Refuge, Edinburg, Texas
A mockingbird has moved into the neighborhood
More specifically our lot
When I awoke this morning he was using
Everyone else’s songs from our rooftop
Mostly a good imitation
Yet, when I hear the actual individual birds
I realized it was just imitation
Not the rich variations that the actual singers give

The woods are full of spring songs
Bird after bird seeking a mate
Singing and flitting through the branches
(Or racing) each other
To impress the perfect mate

Mocking bird is like the enemy in my ear
Repeating phrases of accusation
Condemnation and insult
No fresh life-giving inspiration
Such as the Holy Spirit brings

I’d like to shoot at this bird to scare it off our property
As a child there was one who attacked whenever
We tried to hang up the laundry or take it down
Now it is just annoying and incessant
Yet there are likely lessons to learn here

Listen carefully
Do not assume every repeated phrase is from God
Just like the Sheriff will never call and
ask you for money over the phone
God speaks in that still, small voice
Not the raucous jack-hammer of a mockingbird
Try to be still in the cacophony of that chorus
Quiet your soul and rest in the peace of His Presence

The Throne

The other day my friend was lamenting how awful her bathroom smelled with four males in the house using the same toilet. I remember thinking when my son was potty trained, “Oh great! Now we have urine everywhere instead of just in the diaper!” My friends in Nepal have had to train the boys who visit their home in how to use a flushing toilet. The boys are accustomed to a urinal being simply a hole in the ground. Enough of that…

I remember once when I was scrubbing the bathroom and having conversation with God to the effect that I was so grateful that I could bow at His throne in prayer instead of having to bow at the toilet throne for eternity!


Imagine my surprise when I saw this toilet recently! Pray without ceasing!