Haven of Rest #1

When I was a child my maternal Grandmother would often visit us. Her husband had been an Itinerant Methodist minister before he died. She played the piano for the services he held. My mother was made to stand on a soap box and lead the hymns. I remember listening to a radio program with Grandma Snapp called The Haven of Rest. Years later as an adult I was delighted to discover that our local Christian radio station offered the same program shortly after my children were in school for the day. I learned many things about living as a Christian from their teaching. The music they offered with four part harmony always delighted me. Over the years I purchased albums and cds from them.

That program continues in 2019 under the name Haven Today. Recently I caught the program and they were offering music called Scripture Lullabies. To support the ministry of Haven Today the composer was being interviewed and offering a set of the CDs for a donation to the radio ministry.

It is difficult today to obtain contemporary Christian music that is Scripture set to music. These “Lullabies” are exactly that. The composer, Jay Stocker, has found that adults contact him saying they like this music, not just for their children and grandchildren, but for themselves. It is soothing, and a great way to remember Bible passages.

I have bought the cd set twice. Once for myself and once for a friend. Another friend ordered the music immediately for their own encouragement. Later I realized there is a cd in our church nursery, too!

Here is a sample of the quartet

And a sample from Scripture Lullabies

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