Early August Morning Rain

19-8-22 Morning rain © Molly Lin Dutina

I listen to the rain and thunder with the window open
Refreshing sounds after days of unrelenting heat and humidity
The leaves near my widow are not moving
Yet the leaves higher up on the treetops
Are fluttering like tambourines in the breeze

Whether I am still or moving, parched or drenched
You call me to move to Your music
To praise You, to move with Your rhythms
Keep me flexible Lord
Help me to always hear Your tempo and melody

Window screen is patterned with raindrops caught in the fabric
Gutters are festooned with beads of hanging moisture
Light moves through the quilt of leaves and branches
As breeze alters them gently
Once parched leaves are refreshed with this shower

I quiet my soul
I look and listen for Your work before my eyes
Within my body and soul
Heal, renew and make me pliable in Your hands
Weave me into the pattern of Your highest delight

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