Man Alive

In 1961 when I was 11 years old my father died from rampant heart disease . He had suffered many heart attacks already when the last one claimed him. A year or so later an art teacher gave our class an assignment, Illustrate the idea “Man Alive.” This is what I drew.

The most important man in my life had died because his heart failed. Those were the dark ages before most effective heart procedures, transplants, etc. In 1974 to preserve my art, I decoupaged it to the end of our magazine rack. When we got rid of the rack I saved the end board. Now what does this have to do with 2019?

On August 27, when my Grandgirls were 14 and 17 almost 18, their dad underwent a procedure for Mitral Valve Regurgitation. The doctor reported it was a success, but the valve was more deterioriated than he had first thought. Doctor also found a hole in the top of his heart that may have been there since birth. Undetected and unrepaired, my Son-in-law could have developed a clot and died suddenly. The doctor was able to do the repairs and Dave was home by August 30th. Whew! We are grateful to God, the Doctors and relieved he will be just fine.

Surgery was on a Tuesday and the first day of school for the girls as a senior and a freshman in high school was Wednesday. My husband and I were the support team for our daughter, sin-in-law and the Grandgirls. Transportation, prayers, comfort, taking them to lunch, touring the school with their new class schedules, helping pack lunches and organize for school doing whatever our hands could find that needing doing from garbage to dishes to laundry we tried to be there without being obtrusive, only supportive. We also took each child to see their Dad once he was moved out of ICU. Tennis matches and volleyball games were on our list of activities , too.

So this has been rolling through my brain all morning.

I’ve also been reminded of this verse:

 Keep your heart with all vigilance,

for from it flow the springs of life.

Proverbs 4:23 NRSV

My son-in-law’s heart trouble was found on a routine check up. PLEASE keep your medical check ups and whatever struggle you might be facing don’t lose heart!

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