C. S. Lewis and Eeyore

Have you ever read the C. S. Lewis classic The Screwtape Letters ? He wrote about the story of two demons, one junior being trained by a senior, to torment and thwart the work of a Christian. A great spiritual classic that every Christian should have as required reading!

I think I experienced some of that demonic work this past week. Usually when I am presented with a new physical challenge, I may have a day or two of being blue, but then I find ways to adapt. Ways to lean harder upon the Lord for guidance, leaning in for instruction in how to cope. Rarely do I just get angry and feel sorry for myself.

I was doing fine at first after the shoulder injury.  Then began going down a black tube of discouragement and almost depression over the pain, the things I can’t do, the frustration of where does this place our next journey. How am I going to sleep in a motel bed when I cannot sleep in my own bed? Do motels have recliners? Even the one listed as having recliners did not have them when we called. Discouragement is a weapon of the enemy of our souls. Yep, I was getting a worsening attitude almost hourly.

There is a woman at church who has insight about spiritual warfare. Yesterday she asked how I was doing and I told her the truth. She said, “Well let’s pray. Maybe something has attached itself to this situation.” She prayed with me.

Well, it seems that whatever it was had to let go after she prayed. I went back to the most recent things the Lord had been telling me for coping. Though I had not realized it, there was as a big black cloud lingering over me.   It was lifted and blown to pieces. The Son came out and I found ways to look at all this in a more positive light. His Light, His Truth, His Way.

I sometimes KNOW when that blanket of oppression falls upon me. It feels damp and gray and confining. This time I was fooled. But this servant of God saw it and she prayed it off.

My Monday has not gone as planned because of massive computer updates that are taking a very long time, but I am composing on the iPad and not upset. Things happen, time passes, God is not surprised or worried.

I have a new respect for the power of the Holy Spirit to lead me where I need to go and need to be. I have a new respect for this woman. God is able and He will keep me. God shows no partiality (ACTS 10:34 NRSV) and I am certain He is able to keep and lead, comfort and deliver you, too!

3 thoughts on “C. S. Lewis and Eeyore

  1. I have recently moved, but cannot seem to get out of the “rabbit hole”. I am so tired of pain, pain, pain. Though I now have a beautiful Maple tree outside and good neighbors, the dark shadow remains. Please pray for me.


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