Quietness and Meditation

Bob asked if I was going to say MORE about getting quiet and meditation. Then I read this entry June 30 from Streams in the Desert. The author of this selection is A. B. Simpson. Mrs. Charles E. Cowman frequently put his writings in her collection of devotionals.I decidedly not to work so hard on the blog this entry, but to share these marvelous insights with you.

There was silence, and I heard a still voice. JOB 4:16

A score of years ago, a friend placed in my hand a book called True Peace. It was an old medieval message, and it had but one thought – that God was waiting in the depths of my being to talk to me if I would only get still enough to hear His voice.

I thought this would be a very easy matter, and so I began to get still. But I had no sooner commenced than a perfect pandemonium of voices reached my ears, a thousand clamoring notes from without and within, until I could hear nothing but their noise and din.

Some were my own voices, my own questions, some my very prayers. Others were suggestions of the tempter and the voices from the world’s turmoil

In every direction I was pulled and pushed and greeted with noisy acclamations and unspeakable unrest. It seemed necessary for me to listen to some of them and to answer some of them; but God said,

            “Be still, and know that I am God.” Then came the conflict of thoughts for tomorrow, and its duties and cares; but God said, “Be still.”

And as I listened, and slowly learned to obey, and shut my ears to every sound, I found after a while that when the other voices ceased, or I ceased to hear them, there was a still small voice in the depths of my being that began to speak with an inexpressible tenderness, power and comfort.

As I listened, it became to me the voice of prayer, the voice of wisdom,  the voice of duty, and I did not need to think so hard, or pray so hard, or trust so hard; but that “still small voice” of the Holy Spirit in my heart was God’s prayer in my secret soul, was God’s answer to all my questions, was God’s life and strength for soul and body, and became the substance of all knowledge, and all prayer and all blessing: for it was the living GOD Himself as my life, my all.

It is thus that our spirit drinks in the life of our risen Lord, and we go forth to life’s conflicts and duties like a flower that has drunk in, through the shades of night, the cool and crystal drops of dew. But as dew never falls on a stormy night, so the dews of His grace never come to the restless soul. A.B.Simpson

Practice being still and find His voice within you. It is not impossible. Saint Francis is credited with teaching that thoughts during prayer are like birds in a tree. “You cannot keep them from landing, but you can keep them from nesting there.” I am aware that many others are also credited with teaching this. The more important point is, can you practice getting quiet for yourself?

5 thoughts on “Quietness and Meditation

  1. It is amazing how many people find the quiet to be intolerable and quite uncomfortable. I am shocked to see how many people wear earphones in public spaces, including those walking, running, biking, and driving. Is it any wonder that they do not hear a still small voice? I think there is a real virtue to slowing down the pace of our lives, which gives us a chance to see ourselves and others better as well as to draw closer to God.


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