The Spider Set A Line Out

In High School, Becky and I did a science project with spider webs. Her parents had a really old stone walled basement that was well lit, but had many resident spiders. We took cardboard and sprayed it with hairspray (sticky and transparent). Then we captured spider webs on the cardboard. I do not remember seeing the actual spiders, but perhaps we did. I do not mind spiders as long as they are not crawling upon me or biting me!

Today, I see the spider’s line outdoors between the upper branch of the maple and a lower branch. I can only catch a glimpse of the shining thread when the sun is just right and the light breeze helps move it. There is just one single thread!

I see it as the silver union between the Father’s heart and my mind; the way the Holy Spirit inspires and urges me to try to put in words what I experience in His care.

I often want that input by sitting for a moment. The Gracious Lord reminds me I need linger in His presence and wait for that inspiration, the way that line is put out in hopes of catching something.

Sun of Heaven shine upon my efforts I pray. Help me be patient and give me Your wisdom as to how to proceed. I need You. Forgive me for the times I want to run out on my own and I do not quiet my heart before You. Son of God, be my light in these efforts and everything I undertake today.

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