The Huge Retirement Vacation

So all those miles, and all those sights (which I have not finished blogging about on Treasures in Plain Sight) – how was I touched, moved, what did I learn?

Wow! The lessons are still unfolding. Here on my desk is a red rock from Sedona area, a black rock from an area settled by both Native Americans and then Mormons, and a column of rock mined from deep underground with yellow and white stone. They all remind me that God formed this earth. He has set us free to explore and discover it, yet we are not in charge.(I still have not identified that column of stone, but God knows!)

I have likely written this before. Bob Gerhard preached once “control is an illusion.” I argued with him all the way home. Now I am much older and hopefully a little wiser. While we were away from home the world indeed continued to have problems. Political furor in America broiled and hatred was often spewed. We frequently missed the evening news and decided we did not care. In many ways, we were better off without the news! Our children and grandchildren had their share of troubles, upsets and victories. And we were not in control of any of it. In fact, my mother-in-law died while we were traveling. We were not totally taken aback. We had visited recently and felt as if that was the last time we would see her on this earth. But, no, we were not in control of any of that. God was.

One of my goals this year is to lose weight. The good news is during the travels I did not gain any weight! That was under my control in so far as what I chose to consume. The New Testament teaches self-control as one of the fruits of the Spirit (Galatians 5:23). In my experience even that occurs only as we submit ourselves to God and ask His help through the Holy Spirit. I have learned over the years the most I can hope for is to control myself, nothing and no one else, and even that not in my own strength.

Grace! how much grace we experienced in those thousands of miles. We missed major storms, including, snow, rain, hail and sand. Almost daily we had near perfect weather. We were kept from major highway crashes.

I am a kept woman. Yes, my husband of many decades has kept me very well indeed. But overarching my life God has kept me (often from myself). I was not certain how we would tolerate all those miles together, unknown places, chances for robbery and worse. We came home totally intact, blessed, no bedbugs, no arguments or major disagreements, no stops at hospitals, Bob’s health going strong and me (feel as if I am aging quickly) but a-okay. Kept in so many ways I have not even mentioned.

I AM GRATEFUL beyond expression.

HA! I took this photo, but saw one like it on a camera ad on tv yesterday! One of my favorite locations, Bryce Canyon!

I stated I really wanted to see red rocks with snow. And there they were! Part of the park road was closed because of the snow, but what a glorious sight!

3 thoughts on “The Huge Retirement Vacation

  1. One of the first places Mom visited after Dad’s passing was to Bryce Canyon. A beautiful picture.

    Thanks for sharing the wonderful adventure that you and Bob had embarked upon.


  2. What a ride…literally! We were given an opportunity for an adventure, protected on the way, and amazed throughout.


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