Changes Later in the Year

When I started writing my blog Treasures in Plain Sight I thought I would need another one for poetry, etc. so I began Stand and Tip. Now that I am more experienced in the practice of posting I think I will take my husband’s advice and consolidate the two blogs into one. When it is time to pay Word Press again I will let you know a few days in advance to expect only one blog from me with both kinds of writing.

So when I wrote “Tiny Baby in the Background” in 2014 I never thought it would be posted for the whosoever to read. But I am so glad you care enough to read my things and hopefully take some comfort with you.

Tiny baby in the background crying, crying
and I am drawn to her
as the tiny baby inside me
cries write it, write it

Struggling under the fog of constant pain
drugs, drugs,
distraction to nth degree
rock that baby and hold her
comfort her, rock her

Unconditional love and kindness
will prove again the victor
as, given time,
the words will come
Be at peace

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