Eve of 2019

So Christmas is over. What did you give Jesus as a gift this year?

I am trying to live James 1:19 (NIV2011) My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry.

Or the Message interpretation: Post this at all the intersections, dear friends: Lead with your ears, follow up with your tongue, and let anger straggle along in the rear.

Or my interpretation:  Listen. Listen again. Then MAYBE speak or ask a question. This is a harder discipline than I ever imagined. My impulsiveness keeps popping up! And “Blatttt” I speak.

I am also trying to read The Message interpretation of the Bible. Sometimes Eugene Peterson puts things in words that strike me in a new way such as the above passage: “Post this at all intersections…”

I would like to re-read “1,000 Gifts” by Ann Voskamp and “Radical Acceptance” by Tara Brach. And then journal about my reading and list of gifts.


Radical Acceptance is easy to read as a Christian. I basically put the name of Jesus in where she refers to Buddha. Accepting things as they come along is difficult in our society. We are so often taught we have the power to change things. And we fight against the things we do not like. There is much health and peace in acceptance. The Lord has helped me through so many trials with this idea of acceptance.

These are not New Year wishes for myself. They are a list of disciplines that I believe may help me understand Christ better and see myself in His light.

So what did you give the Lord Jesus as a gift this year? Or what would you consider giving Him in the year 2019?

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