Provisions©1979 Molly Lin Dutina

And I fought to find a way.
I hungered after truth.
I thirsted for a refreshing drink.
Philosophy was like drinking dust.
The occult left me anxious and more needy inside.
My own will was never satisfying for very long.
Books were filled with only words, words, words.
My baggage was a heavy burden,
Filled with unforgiveness and self-deceit.


And now … I seek to find His way
Though all the circumstances that occur
But I no longer hunger and thirst,
(Unless I want to)
For provisions have been made for me
by Jesus
through the Holy Spirit
directly to God

I needn’t look to myself for the answers.
No other person can show me the way wholly
All I seek is God’s will
He provides the Bread of Heaven for me
With rivers of Living Water within
And the Way is there
He goes before me
Leaving food and drink
gifts for my soul along the path

He is my Scout
A Holy Guide
Through the wilderness of humanity
To the Godhead

Can I seek to serve any others
With Jesus carrying my suitcase?


He not only gave me new luggage
He filled it with armor and food

Wisdom beyond all my books
All delights of nature
Treasures of Heaven
Beyond old beliefs


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