You Know Not How

Not How, I AM © 2013 Molly Lin Dutina

The snows cover the earth
you know not how
The life quickens in the bulb
you know not how
The trees sprout and bring forth foliage
you know not how
Light fills the dark recesses of your soul
you know not how
The Kingdom of God grows
you know not how.

How 5

Not by numbers
Not by programs
Just by My Spirit
By your love
Love that comes from Me
that you know as
The only How
I AM the ways and means
I AM Life and that more abundantly
I AM the source of your longing
I AM the answer to your longing.

Rest in Me
Let Me use you
Do not step out in your feeble ‘strength’
Only as My Spirit moves you
Move forward
I will give you light for the next step
You will know how.

How 3

My Kingdom cannot always be seen,
felt, touched, or perceived by you
yet it exists and grows and expands
you know not how
Trust that My Word is true
I will perform it
though you know not how.

How 2

The wind blows where it will
you know not how.
My Presence is often seen in retrospect
yet I AM present with you, even now
though you cannot say ‘He is here’
or ‘look there’
I AM working in, through and among you
Bring forth My will individually
then you will see a portion of How.

Serve Me first and foremost
I will show you how
Seek My face and My Kingdom
lay aside the other things
pursuits of vain glory
press into Me
make Me the Center of your life.
the Holy Spirit will bring forth life
you know not how
except that you yield to Me.


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