Called Forth

In 1982 I awoke from a dream in the middle of the night and this prayer poured forth.

He showed me myself as a child, in a dress, crying right before the mouth of a dark cave.  Because of insensitivity in others and lack of understanding on their part and mine, part of me had chosen to enter this cave.  The spiritual sensitivity He gave me at an early age was so hindered and the hindrance caused me so much pain I had chosen to bury it.

So here is this child in a yellow dress with smocking or lacework on the bodice, crying at the entrance to this cave. But the very fact that I see this child shows me that the Lord God Almighty has brought her out of the cave – much as He did Lazarus.  By the word of His being He has brought her forth.  She is tear-stained and a bit soiled but alive by His grace. Now He desires to cleanse and nurture, sustain and strengthen, establish and confirm this part of my being. Have Your own way, Lord. Be it unto me according to Your will. I have been living it out ever since.

Called Forth From The Cave© Molly Lin Dutina 3-7-82

I have been told so many things
And dealt so many blows.
But now my heart begins to sing
An old song, soft and low.

He’s taught me by His word and way
The first few miles of loving.
I’ve many lessons yet to learn
But first I must begin.

Our culture and sophisticated ways
just keep us from each other.
Barriers come into play
where open meadows belong.

My soul is crowded about
by specters of loneliness.
The risk of vulnerability has become
more inviting than the haunt of ISOLATION.

It is as though I am breaking out
of an ancient inner prison.
I must get close to as many as will let me.
The risk is not to be counted.

We’ve got to touch,
we’re not so unalike.
We are all made in His image,
but we are not our own.


Like calls unto like,
deep calls unto deep,
And the power of His Spirit
is knitting us together.

The pleasures of His bounty
are not to be hoarded – but shared.

How can we assume
to participate in His Spirit
behind a crumbling wall of self?
Jesus walks through walls.

In some ways, I am scared
of investing my mina ($1.50),
But I tremble at the thought of just
burying this in Jesus’ name.

Father, You have called me to this,
slowly, as I crept from the mouth of that cave.
You alone can put me over.
To You I belong.

Show me how to be Your child,
how to represent You well.
I look for help to none other,
teach me, as You did Your Son.

You alone have made me worthy,
You alone will see me through.
Help me with Your love and mercy,
deep compassion, grace and truth.

Now I stand before You yielded.
Make me into something new.
You have plans
now please reveal them.
Show me how to touch and move,
give me holy eyes to see with,
Holy ears and holy hands.
help me learn to only speak when
I have heard what You command.

Others may not understand,
few will ever know.
I’m willing to live by Your plan,
You are the final goal.

My intimacy with You
will affect those in this realm.
I’m burdened by this bounty
I’ve collected from Your stores.
Show me where to give it
so I can discover more.




Photo by Robert M. Dutina

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