Butterfly Living

The Krohn Conservatory had a yarn bomb display at the butterfly show this year! With my love for crochet and butterflies I had to begin this post with both.

IMG_1397The photo below shows so many stages of butterfly metamorphosis. The caterpillar hanging in the “J” shape is about to spin the chrysalis. The empty shell behind the caterpillar has already had a butterfly hatch out. The blackish chrysalis is about to open. The green chrysalis-es always amaze me with the gold dots! Really, Gold? I do not recall seeing that in any other part of nature. The hanging butterfly has just hatched and is still pumping up it’s wings. IMG_2346

Then Bob got to hold one on his finger!IMG_2340

He took her to a begonia to rest.IMG_2338IMG_2337

And here she is in all her glory before she took flight!


Butterfly Living © 1982 Molly Lin Dutina
Butterfly living
Now that’s for me!
Glory bound and
Incredibly free.
Made to be
A joy to Thee.
Strengthen me for
The wings of liberty.

4 thoughts on “Butterfly Living

  1. Molly I had the opportunity to go-to Mexico to see the Monarchs with Marsha Lindner and the CNC It was an unbelievable experience👌🦋

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